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C is for Cocktail: Monkeying Around With The Monkey Gland Cocktail

What would you do for a chance at eternal life? For some people in the early 1920s, all it took was a slip of the knife…just as long as they didn’t mind getting a little up close and personal with their ape relatives. … Continue reading

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C is for Cocktail: What’s in a Name? The Origin of the Word “Cocktail”

If you asked a barkeep in early 1700s America for a cocktail, they’d probably think you wanted to buy a horse. Horses who’d had their tails bobbed or docked short were known as “cocktails.” Docking, or the cutting off of a … Continue reading

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C is for Cocktail: A Series Introduction

    Ah, the cocktail.   Today the word conjures up images of sophistication and elegance, of well-dressed men and women sipping at elegant stemmed glasses in darkened bars—but it wasn’t always that way.  While cocktails themselves (or mixed drinks, anyway) have … Continue reading

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