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The Fix Is In: Capone’s Rigged Roulette Wheel Rediscovered

    “$2,500,00 DAY SPENT ON OPEN GAMES IN CITY” declared a Chicago Tribune headline in 1928 in bold type, bemoaning the rising gambling epidemic within the city’s confines. “Chicagoans freely and openly indulge in all the pastimes of chance known to … Continue reading

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One of Al Capone’s Letters Could Have Been Yours…If You Had $62,500!

How much would you pay for a three page handwritten letter by Al Capone? For one anonymous Chicago collector, the price was $62,500—over $10,000 more than expected. Given how rare it was for Al to write things, however, it’s hardly … Continue reading

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Fact and Fiction in Episode One of AMC’s “The Making of the Mob: Chicago”

So a few days ago I finally had a chance to watch the first episode of AMC’s The Making of the Mob: Chicago. Since this year’s season is set in Chicago and follows Al Capone, I figured I’d start reviewing … Continue reading

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Check Out These Sweet Links!

Hey guys! I’m on vacation this week, so I thought I’d post a bunch of fun, interesting news links about various 1920s topics for your perusal instead. Thanks to the joy of Google Alerts, I often end up with links to interesting … Continue reading

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January 25th: Al Capone Died Today, 69 Years Ago

On January 25th, 1947, Al Capone died in his Miami Beach home surrounded by family and friends. Rather than getting gunned down in the street, as he had feared, he passed away from stroke complications—probably aided and abetted by an advanced … Continue reading

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The Many Nicknames of Al Capone

Chicago Tribune reporter James O’Donnell Bennett named Capone quite a lot of things in his 1929 article about Chicago’s chief gangster. As Bennett says, he “…is Alphonse Capone, alias Al Brown. He is also called, by those who wish to speak respectfully … Continue reading

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Epic Rap Battle Video! Al Capone Versus…?

Hey everybody! I’m going on vacation this week, so I thought I’d give you all something fun to watch instead of something to read. Ever seen Epic Rap Battles of History? If you’re not familiar with them, they’re a series … Continue reading

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“He F*cking Deserved It”: How Al Capone Got His Famous Scars

When reporters worked up the nerve to ask, he’d say he got it from “a German machine gunner” in the trenches, or maybe while he was part of the Lost Battalion—but we already know he never served in World War … Continue reading

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Al Capone’s Favorite Song

According to Jack Woodford, piano player to Chicago’s 1920s gangland, there was only one song that Al Capone ever really wanted to hear. It was the song he asked for when he first met Woodford playing piano at Colissimo’s, Big … Continue reading

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“You can get much further with a smile and a gun…

…than you can with a smile alone.” This quote and its many variations are widely attributed to Al Capone, Chicago’s most famous gangster. Unfortunately, it was likely invented by journalists—or perhaps a Seattle comedian—back in 1962.

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