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C is for Cocktail: “No Nice Girl Swears” Weighs in on Cocktail Parties and Proper Speakeasy Behavior

A while ago I posted Chapter 30 of No Nice Girl Swears, a debutante’s advice book for women from 1933. Since I have to send the book back to its home library today, I thought I’d share another chapter with … Continue reading

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C is for Cocktail: Paris Overreacts to that “vile American mixed drink”

~*~ Hemingway called Paris in the 1920s “one long binge,” and he was pretty much right. Throughout Prohibition, millions of American tourists flocked to France to see the sights and sample the local brews. Author and editor Clifton Fadiman called Paris … Continue reading

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C is for Cocktail: A Series Introduction

    Ah, the cocktail.   Today the word conjures up images of sophistication and elegance, of well-dressed men and women sipping at elegant stemmed glasses in darkened bars—but it wasn’t always that way.  While cocktails themselves (or mixed drinks, anyway) have … Continue reading

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