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“He F*cking Deserved It”: How Al Capone Got His Famous Scars

When reporters worked up the nerve to ask, he’d say he got it from “a German machine gunner” in the trenches, or maybe while he was part of the Lost Battalion—but we already know he never served in World War … Continue reading

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Al Capone’s Favorite Song

According to Jack Woodford, piano player to Chicago’s 1920s gangland, there was only one song that Al Capone ever really wanted to hear. It was the song he asked for when he first met Woodford playing piano at Colissimo’s, Big … Continue reading

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“You can get much further with a smile and a gun…

…than you can with a smile alone.” This quote and its many variations are widely attributed to Al Capone, Chicago’s most famous gangster. Unfortunately, it was likely invented by journalists—or perhaps a Seattle comedian—back in 1962.

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