A Bit of Holiday Fun: Boozy Easter Eggs from 1932

“How much for the eggs?” John Huntley asked, eyeing the large display of Easter candy on the delicatessen’s counter.

He’d heard the stuff had been selling like hot cakes, and no one was sure why—but being a Prohibition agent, he figured he’d better check it out.

“Three and a quarter for a dozen,” the shopkeeper said, coming around from behind the counter to hover nearby.1

Huntley whistled, his eyebrows rising. “That much? Gee, I don’t know…”

The storekeeper pulled one of the eggs out of the box and handed it to him with a wink and a smile. “Why not try one first, eh? On the house.”

Huntley did—and he immediately bought the rest.

When he saw his fellow Prohibition agents the next day, he had a fine story to tell.

“Those eggs…were candy on the outside, but there’s enough liquor on the inside of half a dozen of them to start an ordinary drinker on a real spree.”2

When he and his fellow agents went back to raid the store, they found twenty boxes’ worth of the stuff in the basement.3 Both store owner Otto Fiebig and clerk John Oser were arrested, then later released on bail at $1000 each, with their trial set for March 23rd.4


On March 17th, 1932, Otto Fiebig and John Oser really were arrested for selling boozy Easter candy at their store at 4386 N. Elston Avenue. Here’s what their “Easter display” looked like:

Boozy eggs 1920s tribune

I was unable to find the results of their trial in the Tribune archives, but I figured this little blurb was entertaining in and of itself. I think these fellas were rather clever about selling their illegal hooch—and in such a tasty way, too. These treats would certainly be welcome at MY Easter table! 😀

Want to add your own alcoholic twist to Easter today? You could try making these whiskey-filled chocolate Easter bunnies or add a little Bourbon to them instead. If you want your booze-candy premade, however, you’ll have to stop by the United Kingdom, as apparently literally all the rest of it is made there. Sadness!

But whatever you eat and drink, I hope you all have a very happy…and maybe slightly hoppy…Easter. Enjoy the holiday, folks! Hooray for Spring.


naughty easter greetings.jpg

Enjoy this slightly naughty Easter greeting card that’s on sale at CardCow.Com


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