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Hello everyone! I’m still busy hacking away at my big project, but it’s in the final stretch…so here’s a pile of Roaring Twenties-themed links for you instead of a regular post. Enjoy! 😀


Check Out Some Vintage Vogue Covers


A Vogue cover from January 15th, 1919. Check out that tiny hat! Photo Source: Vogue

A new exhibit, “1920s Jazz Age Fashion and Photographs,” has opened at the London Fashion and Textile Museum. As part of the celebration, Vogue has put up 11 vintage magazine covers on their website for your enjoyment. Hooray Art Deco! 😀


Al Capone’s Gun Made it to The Mob Museum…Finally!


Capone’s gun? Maybe. Photo Source: The Mob Musuem

Lately the Internal Revenue Service of the United States Treasury Department has been attempting to curry favor with the press by sending Al Capone’s gun to Las Vegas’s Mob Museum, allowing them to remind everyone that they put Capone behind bars, not the FBI. At first they managed to send the wrong gun, but now the correct one is on display.


Eddie Bauer Revives Vintage 1936 Jacket Designs for Today’s Consumers


A pilot shows off his Skyliner jacket, circa 1938. The jackets were very popular with the United States military, as well as hunters and fishermen. Photo Source: Fast Company

In 1936, 16 years after he opened his first store in Seattle in 1920Eddie Bauer launched the first goose-down jacket in the United States: the Skyliner. After nearly dying of hypothermia on a fishing trip, he was inspired to create a jacket that was both waterproof and warm. The resulting jacket, based on  was not only fashionable, but highly prized by outdoor lovers everywhere. Today, in celebration of its 75th anniversary, the company has relaunched it’s classic 1936 design, and it looks every bit as good today as it did then. Men’s jackets can be found here, and women’s here.


Crime Doesn’t Always Pay…But Education Does

A pair of criminal researchers from the University of Essex and the University of California recently compared 1940s census data from two groups of people. Specifically, they wanted to understand how known members of the Italian-American mafia compared to their friends and neighbors in terms of educational prospects. Unsurprisingly, they found that most identified mobsters had less schooling than their lawful counterparts—especially since many started their lives of crime at a young age. However, in an interesting twist, they found that mobsters who somehow managed to keep up with both educational and criminal pursuits won out in the end. As this article at Education Week points out:

criminal syndicates often require more complex math and logistics skills than your typical petty criminal. The most successful mobsters, like the infamous Chicago kingpin Al Capone, also ran above-board businesses, but extra years in school probably also came in handy for more nefarious purposes. How can you get your bootlegged gin from bathtub to speakeasy in the most efficient manner? Are you sure you are getting the best rate of return on your protection racket?

More education also meant more money. Not only did an educated mobster’s income increase by “7.5 percent to 8.5 percent on average,” but those involved in high-level white collar crime, like embezzling, “had a three-times-higher return on educational investment than mobsters involved in violent crimes like robberies or murders.” The rest of the article can be found here.


Listen to Vintage 1920s Tunes Revamped As Modern Jazz


Mike Jones, pianist for Penn & Teller and an accomplished musician in his own right, has a new album out. Photo Source:

Do you know who musician Mike Jones is? Turns out he’s an accomplished jazz pianist who happens to provide musical accompaniment to Penn & Teller’s classic magic show in Vegas—and he’s also got a new album coming out. Called Roaring, it features vintage 1920s tunes, but redone in the style of modern jazz. You can listen to clips from the album on Amazon or on iTunes. There’s also a review here at Jazz Times.


1920s Fashion A La Harry Potter

As I’m sure you already know, this November saw the U.S. release of the newest addition to Rowling’s Harry Potter franchise, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. As a result, the 1920s are currently back in fashion! You can buy an entire line of 1920s-inspired clothes at Hot Topic, or sip on inspired cocktail recipes over at Mashable!


Want to Own a Piece of the 1920s? Buy This Building in Minneapolis for $1!


Only $1!!!! Photo Source: Finance & Commerce

The city of Minneapolis has put this building, at 4146 Fremont Avenue North, up for sale for the grand total of $1. Built during the streetcar heydays of the 1920s, this 7,000 sq. ft. building has both commerical and apartment space, and is located near a bus line. Check out those cute little brick details. Interested? Proposals are due by February 10th, 2016, but according to the article, “a pre-proposal meeting was held at 4 p.m. Nov. 30 at the City’s Innovation Center.



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