New Page: Living Book List!

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Looking for more books about Prohibition and the Roaring Twenties?

Try my new Page, listed in the tabs at the top of this website. This is my first attempt at a permanent “living” book list, which I plan to update as I find more materials. Please check back regularly if you’re looking for more resources. Also, if there are any books you think should be added to the list, please contact me and I’ll do so! 🙂 And if you need any book recommendations for the era, feel free to drop me a line, too. I’m always happy to help! 🙂

About lupachi1927

My name's Megan, and I'm a writer with an interest in history. While I might not be a real historian, I'm a very thorough researcher. As an amateur historian, this blog is my place to post about all the interesting historical tidbits I find that can't use in the novel I'm working on, which takes place in Chicago in 1927. If you're looking for research help, writing feedback, or just want to say hi, feel free to drop me a line! :)
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