Epic Rap Battle Video! Al Capone Versus…?

Hey everybody! I’m going on vacation this week, so I thought I’d give you all something fun to watch instead of something to read.

Your entertainment for today. Photo Source: Epic Rap Battles

Your entertainment for today. Photo Source: Epic Rap Battles

Ever seen Epic Rap Battles of History? If you’re not familiar with them, they’re a series of YouTube videos created by Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Alhquist that feature various historical personages facing off in “epic” funny rap battles, usually taking the opportunity to diss their opponent using historical facts about their lives. While they can get pretty ridiculous at times thanks to relying on user-generated pairings—Hitler versus Darth Vader, anyone?—they usually manage to be both entertaining and clever. Personally, I get a big kick out of them. If I were a high school history teacher, I’d totally force my students to watch these and then make their own videos.

Anyway, one of my favorite videos of theirs contains Al Capone (naturally!), so I though I’d post it for you all here today. It’s an epic battle between Big Al and the dreaded pirate Blackbeard, of all people. Who will win? Watch and see! 🙂

Another favorite video of mine is their Stalin versus Rasputin battle. There’s guest appearances by Lenin AND Putin! It’s hilarious! xD

Want EVEN MORE Epic Rap Battles? Check out their YouTube channel here! 🙂

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My name's Megan, and I'm a writer with an interest in history. While I might not be a real historian, I'm a very thorough researcher. As an amateur historian, this blog is my place to post about all the interesting historical tidbits I find that can't use in the novel I'm working on, which takes place in Chicago in 1927. If you're looking for research help, writing feedback, or just want to say hi, feel free to drop me a line! :)
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1 Response to Epic Rap Battle Video! Al Capone Versus…?

  1. jazzfeathers says:

    LOVED IT!!! 🙂


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